Thursday, May 29, 2008

School's Out

No more homework, no more books, no more teacher's dirty looks! Summer is here baby, and we couldn't be more excited. Things we will do this summer: play, eat otter pops (boxes and boxes of otter pops), swim, ride bikes, go to the park, lay in the grass, look at the stars, have bbq's (dozens of them), run through the sprinklers, roast marshmallows, go hiking (whoops, never mind....strike that. Unless we don't invite Sir Gimps-a-lot. :), swing, jump on the tramp, color pictures, do crafts, visit the zoo, visit the Children's Museum, go camping, go to St. George, sleep in late, read LOTS of books, go to bed late, and just plain RELAX! (Gee, I sound like the best mom in the world, don't I?)

Kylie and Zachary on the LAST day of school
Just one last thing to mention. Summer.....please be kind on this dear girl. We had a rough year last year, what, with a near drowning, scooter Olympics that led to about 50 stitches, and OH, there was that incident in Wal-Mart involving six paramedics and a split open head. Take it easy on this little one. She's a mover and a shaker, I know, I know, but watch out for her. My poor sanity cannot take anymore accidents. Thank you for your time.
Happy Summer to all!!!


Aubree said...

Yeah for summer! I hope I am invited to some of those super fun activities!

Damon said...

yikes! I hate kid accidents. sounds like you have a fun summer lined up (unless you are an otter-pop), when does gimpy get out of his cast?

Lewis & Florrie said...

Damon, If you hate kid accidents then you should not be around my daughter....she is cursed I tell ya.

As for Otter pops, is there anything better than a pink or green otter pop? I have come up with my own diet where all I am going to do is eat otter pops. At only 25 calories a pop, I'm sure to lose a few lbs. (And rot my teeth out in the process.)

El gimpo is in a walking cast basically through the summer. He is still on crutches at the moment, but we'll see what the doc says in two weeks. If you have any words of consolation or encouragement, send them his is pretty sucky right now for him.