Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bah Humbug......

Bleh.....I woke to snow covering my ground this morning. The first thing out of my mouth? "Yuck. I'm not ready for this." Lewis asked me just what my whole "problem" with Winter was anyway? "Do you want me to make a list?" I responded back. And I could. Make a list that is. Of all the things that I hate about this dreaded Season. As a matter of fact, Spring and I still haven't made up. I haven't forgotten how it snowed clear into JUNE. We got jipped. And now? Here we start the long, cold winter. BUT, I don't want ya'll to think I'm a total hater. (Plus, we did just teach the kiddos in FHE on Monday about gratitude. I don't want to be hypocritical.) SO, to honor the first snow of the year, I will think of FIVE things that I LOVE about the winter season. Here goes:

1. Well duh? Christmas, Baby! Who doesn't love this Holiday, that's what I wanna know. Snow is a vital part of the Season.

2. Drinking hot chocolate with my kids. A couple years ago I asked for a hot chocolate maker for Christmas and it has been, hands down, one of the best gifts I have received. I love that dang thing! If you ever mosey down by my hood, I'll make you a scrumptious cup.

3. I'm looking forward to FINALLY being able to stay in the house and complete some projects. Can you say scrapbooking? Can you say Six years behind? Yeah. Enough said. I will also use this time to hone up on my Wii skills. I will bowl a 300. I will play MarioKart until I am number 1. I will finish Mario Galaxy. I will learn to play "Talk Dirty to Me" on an expert level.....yah know, all those REALLY important things in life.

4. Two words.....JACK BAUER. I will spend all Winter long watching the love of my life as he saves the world from more peril and strife. (P.S Why didn't we elect Jack Bauer as President of the US.????)

5. When else but the Winter can we get awesome photo ops like this one? Yeah, this is Braden, outside with the pumpkins covered in snow (mental note: throw pumpkins in the garbage), in his winter hat, sans coat, but wearing his FLIP FLOPS. He's my kinda kid. Way to stick it to the man, B......the Winter man, that is!
P.S. This was HARD.....coming up with five things I love about winter. Again, just in case you forgot, I DON'T LIKE WINTER. Somehow I will persevere. Somehow.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Story Time

Who wants to hear a lovely little story? One that involves a four year old who clogged up my toilet, repeatedly flushed it, and caused a quasi-major flood in my bathroom. Let me warn you, this story involves a mother screaming for HELP as POO WATER rushes two inches deep all over the bathroom floor and closely borders flooding the bedroom. It also involves a flustered Mom, who when forced with the chore of turning off the water in the toilet, doesn't do so great a job, but eventually gets er' done. It also involves using every darn towel in the house to clean up the mess, therefore necessitating the fact that I will be doing "towel" laundry for the next six days. (And P.S, have you every had to carry sopping wet towels to the washing machine with poo water leaking all over everything? Not my finest hour.) And all the while......getting four kids ready for church BY MYSELF (which I do every week, but still,no small task) and having to re-shower after my first shower because ewwwww.....POO WATER! Doesn't that sound like such a lively little tale? Yeah, I thought so too.
Oh, and as I final note: I woke up this morning silently cursing the woes of daylight savings time....writing a blog post in my mind on it's nastiness. But, now I am silently grateful for the fact that my children woke up at 6:00 a.m (that's right, peeps, 6 bloody 0' clock) because I would have had to skip church all together......and I still might. I don't think I'm feeling very good....the thought of POO WATER is making me feel a little queasy......I think I have to go lie down now....
The End