Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Child Abuse

Once, many years back, me my siblings were looking at pictures from "back in the day" when we were wee little kids. My brother John, being the funny person that he is, commented to my Mom that the way she used to dress us could be considered a form of child abuse. At the time my Mom just laughed it was FUNNY. And really? Who dresses their kids like that anyway? Plaids and Polyesters and short shorts. It is only now, that I have little wee ones of my own, that I am realizing that my Mom most likely didn't dress us at all. I mean, just because you have cute kids, and you buy them 100's of dollars worth of really cute and stylish clothes, doesn't mean they're going to wear them. Who are we kidding? Most days, the kids dress themselves. And most days? It's not pretty. Case in point:
This is how my kids went to the grocery store today.
At first glance: Not so bad. Just a slight kool-aid moustache and crusted boogies under the nose.
Wait a minute. Are those the basketball shorts that B wore yesterday? And paired with a non-matching basketball shirt that we got in the mail today? Sweet Mother of Mary.
Yep. This boy looks pretty stylin'...... And pretty WT.
Oh look. A cute new hoodie from Old Navy on a cute little girl.
What the???? Is this for real?. Hearts, paired with polka dots, paired with cowboy boots? Whose child is this and where is her Mother?

And you wanna know the sad thing? Everything that Savy is wearing is brand new. Hence her deep desire to wear everything at once. If you took the hoodie off you would see a pink and white striped shirt. It's quite the ensemble.

So there it is. You be the judge? Abuse or not? I think I'll opt for the "Mom -who -picks -her -battles- and -decided -that- this- was- one -battle -that -was- not- worth- fighting" option.

But seriously? Can you believe I took them to the store like that? That's just messed up.