Monday, February 23, 2009

Yeah.....we pretty much rock as parents....

That's what Lewis and I were saying to ourselves in bed last night. We were giving ourselves a huge pat on the back, because really, who's better parents than we are? (Don't really answer that question.) In all of our awesomeness, we surprised our kids on Saturday with a trip to the Happiest place on Earth (which I've been told is different for some people) but for us it spells DISNEYLAND. And get this.....this is how we told them. (Because again, all super cool parents, raise your hand. Hollah!)

After we had our weekend ritual of Chinese take-out, we gave our kids their "Special" fortune cookies. (Not those kind of "special" cookies....jeez you sickos.) These fortune cookies were specially prepared by dear old me, and as you can see, made it very clear where we were going to be headed this week. After much screaming, jumping around, and near wetting of underpants, the kiddos calmed down enough to shower us with praises.

"You're the best Mom and Dad ever!"

"We love you so much!"

"You should be given the "parents of the year award." (Okay, this is maybe a stretch, but that's how they made us feel.)

Nothing, and I mean nothing, beats having your kids think that you are the

So, my fellow bloggers, try not to think of me this week as I walk around Disneyland in the 70 degree weather, holding a hand- dipped corn dog in one hand and a Mickey Mouse shaped ice-cream in the other, while I ride on Space Mountain and get Mickey's autograph. With my diet out the window I will not eat anything that (in my words of my bro-in-law, Dave) is not deep-friend and is and/or rolled in sugar. That's just how I roll. I will report my adventures when I return.

Peace out Peeps!

***P.S Blah, blah, blah, blah....I know I've been gone awhile from blogging. Please don't remind me of this fact....I am deeply aware of it. Blah, blah, blahedy freakin' blah....I'll be better in the future....I promise.