Thursday, November 5, 2009


I have a little bit of an addiction problem.

There. I said it.
Don't judge me for it.

Some of you may remember the post that I wrote over a year ago to my new love Pine-Sol and how I had just discovered the powers of it to my advantage. I loved how clean it made my house I could fool just about anyone into thinking that my house was immaculately clean just by having a sink full of this stuff marinating all day long! (That's right people....I said marinating......sitting in my sink all day long.....getting cold until I ran more warm water in it to bring back that smell. I know it's sick. I never said it was normal......But addicts will often do abnormal things....It's true.)

Well......since them the problem has deepened. The addiction has grabbed a hold on me and won't let go. I MUST have that "powerful scent of clean" on a daily basis or I WILL GO CRAZY. I will go into withdrawals, get the shakes, get sick to my stomach and all that jazz. I NEED the pine-sol. Just give me the pine-sol and no one gets hurt. It has gotten out of hand.....

It has become "my crack."

Well......fed up of buying tiny bottle after tiny bottle and constantly running out and having to make emergency runs to my "dealer" (aka Wal-Mart......that crack ho) I stumbled across the Holy Grail of my new BFF (and new dealer......take that Wal-mart) COSTCO. Because really? Everyone needs a jug of pine-sol that is larger than a small child. Everyone.

So seriously.....don't judge. I know I have a problem. I know that I buy Pine-sol in mass quantities. I know that your average housewife is most likely not stocking up on Pine-Sol at a Warehouse.....but I am not your average housewife, people......I am DESPERATE! And I need my So just give me the Pine-Sol and NO ONE gets hurt.

Does anyone know of a 12-Step program for Pine-Sol addicts?