Friday, August 10, 2007

A Letter

Dear Eclipse,

Why are you taunting me? When I ordered you on Monday, you said that you would arrive in 5-7 business days. You are a few days early, and it is really causing me stress. Do you realize what I have to do today? I have piles and piles of laundry, a kitchen floor that needs mopping, a husband due to arrive tonight. I have kids that need to be fed, and cleaned up after, and fed, and cleaned up after again. I need to referee fights and combat the whines of "Mom, there's nothing to do. What can we do???" I have toilets that need to be scrubbed, a toy room that is an absolute monstrosity, and somewhere in all the middle of this I need to find time to take a shower! And yet, every time I pass you sitting so prettily in your box, it takes all the willpower I have to look away. If I mop the kitchen floor can I sit down and read for 15 minutes?? Alas, I better not....15 minutes will turn into 2 hours and 2 hours into 2 days. Oh why, oh why can't today I be a full time reader, part time mom?

Thanks for listening. Until we meet.

Love, Me

Thursday, August 9, 2007

A Tale of Two Hares

Once upon a time in the house of Nuttall, there lived a happy family with four beautiful children, and two, (ahem), semi-cute pets. One day while the king was out of town, these two playful bunnies were found missing. Upon searching the entire kingdom, it was discovered that the hares, once suspected being naughty bunnies for running away, were actually chased by some viscous animals. Fearing for their lives the rabbits took cover under the royal palace. (Read: under the deck.) One bunny was immediately discovered shaking in his very boots, but alas, the second rascal was not to be seen. It was soon discovered that the bunny had fallen down the window well. The royals subjects were much dismayed, for they know that the queen was a royal wimp and could not, would not, get into the window well to rescue this precious animal because her aracnophobia was too, too overwhelming. At a loss for what to do, it was soon impressed upon the royal children to call the "Bunny Whisperer. " (AKA Grandpa.) As soon as he could tear himself away from beautifying his beautiful palace, he hurried down to rescue the traumitized little bunnies. With gloves and gentle hands he wisked those bunnies to saftey and the royal children (and royal queen) will forever be grateful for his bravery. And the queen and the children lived happily every after, and counted down the minutes until the king of the house would FINALLY get home. The End

Dearest Grandpa, You are the absolute very best! Thank you for coming to our house to save our darling pets and for not being a wimp when it came to black widows and wasps. We love you and will always remember how you saved our precious (Ahem) Pets! We love you so, and will always remember you as the "Bunny Whisperer!" Love, Zach, Kylie, Savannah and Braden (Oh, and Mom too.)