Wednesday, January 2, 2008

That's My Boy

To the little girl at the mall play place who walked up to my son, pushed him down and told him no......He may look like he is pure sunshine, all grins and giggles, but when he walks up to you, puts his finger your face and says "NO" in his sternest voice, then you know that you have a fourth child to contend with. Bravo, my son, good for you for holding your own. I hope that you can always stand up to those "Brats" in life.

The Very Best Babysitter

So, Today Lewis and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary (Hollah) and had a great day. I love him so very much. But this post is not about the mushy...that is for another time, another place. I just quickly wanted to share with ya'll out in blog land a cute kiddo story. So, this morning I was getting breakfast for the kids and waxing sentimental about my wedding day 10 years ago. I was telling them about what time it was when we got married and some things about the temple. Then cute little Savy pipes up "Mom, who babysat us while you were at the temple." I then explained to my darling dear that Mommy didn't have any of them at that time, that it was just daddy and I. Without missing a beat Zachary responded, "So we were up in heaven and Jesus was babysitting us."

So, To Nana, Grandma, Aubree, Jimi, Theresa and anyone else who might have watched these are all great babysitters....but you've got nothing on the big guy! Love you all.