Friday, May 9, 2008


Should I be concerned that my extremely precious, lovable 22 month old has a bizarre fascination with knives and scissors?
You would never be able to tell by this picture, but if there is so much as a sharp instrument of any kind around (Scissors, knives, pronged forks, ice-picks, machetes, you name it...) he is drawn to it like a moth to a flame. He loves to watch me load the dishwasher and point out all the sharp knives to me while telling me that they are "sharp" and will "cut.' I was just wondering if he was destined to become, oh, let's say a sword maker, or if he is headed down that other path, that one that we won't mention ( cough- JeffreyDahmer)! Mom loves you B.
**On a side note, I am loving this picture that my THREE year old took....on my cell phone nonetheless! Yeah, she is somewhat of a child prodigy and will probably one day be as famous as_____________(insert the name of some famous photographer here.) Thanks Savy!


Lindsay said...

Hey Florrie. It's Lindsay (Pehrson) Lyman. I found your blog on the SHS site. It was so fun to look at it. You crack me up and your kids are super cute!

Damon said...

I think you ought to call the district attorney right now so they can get his fingerprints and a composite photograph on file... :)