Wednesday, May 14, 2008

a prayer

So says Savy in her prayer the other night: "Please bless dad as he lays in bed all day.....and all night.....watching sports.....and drinking cherry limeades......and eating ice cream......while mom bathes all the kids and puts them to bed herself." Amen

***Disclaimer: This post may or may not be an exact quote. Poetic license may/may not have been taken by the author.

P.S Love you Lewis!!:)


Jimi said...

I love that I get a new little surprise everyday that I check your blog. You are now being promoted from being nearly the worst blogger to being pretty darn good. Love the prayer.

Aubree said...

Laughing so hard I am almost crying. And I have been meaning to tell you thanks for blogging again. It has brightened my life. Tennis lessons tomorrow!!! We are so cool!

Damon said...

Ouch! Lewis, you're taking direct fire! keep your head down soldier! Oh yeah, and eat plenty of Ice Cream, it isn't going to eat itself... LOL.

Kristi said...

Holy crap, that's a scream! Kids pray for the best things....and so dead on, right!? Didn't hear what happened to Lewis though?

Lewis & Florrie said...

Lewis had to get surgery on his foot. He injured it playing softball and they had to go in and put a screw in. He totally got screwed, meaning he will be in a cast for about 4 months. His summer is shot and he's pretty bummed. I should be a better wife and complain less, but it sucks because he has always been such a big help to me with the kids and now I got nothin' Oh well.