Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

We just got back from our super fun, yet not really exciting, but still quite relaxing, even if the weather was pretty crappy in St. George, weekend vacation. For memorial day this year we decided to "get the heck out of dodge" so to speak and headed for the warm weather in St. George. There was just one problem: there was no warm weather in St. George. BUT, and that's a big BUT (ha ha, I crack myself up) we still managed to have a party anyway. That's just how we roll. So, I thought it might be fun to list a couple of highlights of this trip.
Highlight #1:
Do you see these two handsome guys? Do either of them look mentally insane? Not really, but looks can be deceiving.( Just kidding. I love you two.) I took this picture right after they had finished riding their bikes from SLC to St. George. (That's aprox. 350 miles for those of you who don't know.) THIS might have been the real reason we headed down South. We got to be the cheering section for these two as they finished their ride. It was amazing to be there and experience that with them. You guys are rock stars! Anyone who is crazy enough to ride their bikes that far gets a big shout out in my book. Good work Todd and Richard: We're so proud of you!
Highlight #2
SWIMMING! We love it, the kids love it, it keeps them entertained for hours at a time so that I can sit on my butt and do nothing. (Not really, as a spent the good majority of my time frantically counting my kids heads to make sure none of them was drowning.) Still, good times, good times. The kids were like little fish, in and out of the pool and hot tub all day long. Plus, we don't have to worry about getting Cryptosporidium from the pool because apparently the big pile of crap that was beside the pool was just duck poop. PhEW. Close call.

Kylie and Savy with their friend Keslee

My boys just chillin like villains in the hot tub

This is the only D picture of me that we got the whole weekend and Lewis didn't even tell me he was taking it! I put it on here because I want you to see how serious my face is. I am applying sunscreen to Kylie's face, because hey, safety first!

Highlight #3

EATING. We "the Nuttalls" know how to pack it away. I am not putting a picture of this on the blog for one reason. Have you ever seen that show on BBC America that's called "You are what you eat?" Well, for those of you who haven't seen the show, there's this part on it where they lay out all the food on a table that the person has consumed for the whole week. It is truly DISGUSTING! So, trust me, you do not want to see what I ate. BUT, if I had to paint a picture of it, it would look like this: Ice cream, peanut m and ms, tacos, chips, Samurai 21, cherry limeades, ice cream, did I say peanut m and ms, licorice, fruit snacks, pizza....and so forth and so forth. You get the idea right? I must have consumed 20 million calories in peanut m and ms alone. And let's not even talk about the night that we introduced Ben and Jerry to the condo. (Hello Ben and Jerry, meet EVERYONE. Karmel Sutra anyone??!) It got a little freaky to say the least. It was, oh so fun, and now I'm going to be paying the price. Oh well, C'est la vie.

Just one last thing to mention on this epic post. There was actually one (can you believe it?) low light of the trip. Is that even a word? What's the opposite of highlight?? Non-highlight? Oh, who cares. Moving on. Early Sunday morning, and I mean 1:30 in the am early, Savy fell off the bed. I knew that something was quite right, and after spending nearly 2 1/2 hrs at the Instacare on Sunday afternoon, we discovered that she had broken her clavicle. Not fun. Of course, this is kind of normal for something like this to happen to this girl, but still. Good thing it wasn't her arm and in a couple weeks she will be like new.

So there you have it. For all its worth we had a great time. Thanks Nana and Grandpa for letting us stay in your condo. Let's do it again next month K?


Kristi said...

Sounds like a hot damn good time! I'm a bit jealous!

Meghan said...

That sounds like so much fun! I love St. George and swimming and peanut m&m's. What is a Samuri 21?

Lewis & Florrie said...

Samurai 21=pure heaven. It is a Japanese steakhouse like Benihana, only much better. Mmmm, I could go for some right now...must be good, must stay on diet. Next time you're in St.George you and Damon will have to hook it up.

Jimi said...

I had no idea that everyone was going to St. George without us-thanks a lot! I have to say that I wasn't surprised that Savy made a trip to the St. George instacare-is she making that a tradition?

Meghan said...

That does sound good, I am a huge Japanese steakhouse fan. If we ever get together we had better stay far away from food. We would not be good for each other's diets.

Lewis & Florrie said...

Meghan, I think we should definitely get together when you are back in Utah....then we will throw all diet caution into the wind and I can tell you a stories about when Damon was in high'll be great.

Meghan said...

I seriously can't wait! I would love to hear more stories about Damon in high school. I always wonder what it would have been like to know him then. :)

The Crislers said...

Can I be invited next time??? I am perfecly suited for this adventure... I know how to swim and I can eat with the best of 'em!

Damon said...

florrie, Meghan already knows I was the secretary of the seminary club, in the marching band and home by 7:30 every evening so you won't be telling her anything she doesn't already know. :)

I'm a big St. George fan too, it reminds me of playing baseball and I love the weather.

Lewis & Florrie said...

Damon, if you really were the secretary, you should know that it was called the "seminary council" NOT club. Ha ha. Gotcha.