Wednesday, July 11, 2007

One year is almost here

I hope that what I wrote here does some of the justice to how I feel about my sweetest final child. Happy Birthday Baby Bauer.

The surprise party:

So, Let's pretend that someone is throwing you a surprise party. The only thing is, you don't want a party. You don't like surprises, your hair needs to be cut, you don't want to have a bunch of people messing up your can think of a million reasons why a surprise party would not suit you this year. Yet a surprise party is planned nonetheless and you have no choice in the matter. So you go, but not without dragging your feet and complaining the whole way. And some people will understand that you just don't want to have a party this year, and some people wonder why you just can't get over it. It's a surprise party for heavens sake, and who wouldn't be excited about that. So you get to the party, and before you know it you're starting to enjoy yourself. Did you know that there would be cake at this party???And presents?? And look at all these people that care about you. You're having so much fun that pretty soon you wonder what it was you were so reluctant about in the first place. A surprise party isn't all that bad. In fact, it's sort of Fun. And later that night, when you're at home reflecting on your day you realize this: A surprise party was just what you needed...and someone loved you just enough to throw you one.

To my dear Braden....I will always and forever be grateful that you graced our home with your sweet spirit. Someone knew just what they were doing sending you into our lives. We love you, we love you and wish you the very best birthday ever. I can't believe how fast this last year has gone by. With you, my dear, sweet son, we definitely ended on a "high note." I love you.
View this montage created at One True Media P.S I hope you enjoy the video montage that I made. I spent the latter half of the day neglecting my children, so I hope it was worth it. Just click on the picture to watch it.
You Have Stolen my Heart


Jimi said...

That is quite possibly the sweetest, cutest, most adorable blog ever. Your video brought a little tear to my eye. We are so happy you had that surprise baby--We sure love Baby Bauer!

Dave & Aubree said...

I love Baby Bauer. Happy Birthday to him. You saved the best for last!!!!


Jeff & Chels said...
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Emilie said...

Way to make me cry Flo! That was so sweet. We too love our Brady- Happy almost Birthday!

Aubree said...

LOVE IT! LOVE IT! It too brought tears to my eyes... Maybe I should start watching your kids for you so you can just blog everyday. I love reading your blogs!