Saturday, January 30, 2010

Going Private

Okay peeps...

I think it's time. I've protested this long enough, but really, the world is a crazy place and I'm not sure I want my info out there for the whole world to see. I've got to take this blog private. know the drill. Leave me your e-mail address if you want an invite and unless you're the creepy stalker type I will oblige.
Thanks much.

Friday, January 22, 2010

I like you

Recently my littlest guy has started to give me a little attitude. Sometimes when I go to kiss him he'll turn his head away from me or stick his fingers in his mouth or some other foolishness like that. (He is THREE for the love of Ned.....not Thirteen.....Isn't this a little too early for this nonsense to be starting?) So, my retaliation to this kind of behavior is to throw him down on this bed....or couch....or my lap....and kiss him incessantly. Like a hundred times or more. Usually this results in a laugh and lesson learned. Don't' mess with the Mom. Ever.'s the newest thing.....

Me: "Braden....I love you."
Braden: "Mom....I like you."

Um yeah. I.Like.You.
Just like that....I like you. (Where's the love in this I ask you?)

Here are the sort of comments I can foresee in my not-too-distant future:
"I tolerate you."
"You do not amuse me."
"Quit it with the sarcasm."
"I like you....but I don't like-like you."

Sigh. Why do they have to grow up so fast?

And one last thing Mr. Braden....when I ask for a kiss I don't mean an "air kiss" (You know, making a kissing noise across the room into thin air does NOT cut it for this mama.) If you continue along this path I will have no choice but to throw you to the bed and cover you with kisses a hundred million times over.....
Don't mess with this Mom. Ever.